I-Conic Floating

649 kr

375 kr

I-Conic - Floating

The I-Conic lines are our version of a legendary taper. The head of these lines are conical and you could say that the man behind these types of tapers (Lee Wulff) is a true Icon  - hence the name......

Our head is 11,0 m, that is shaped with one long taper from the head start to the tip. This ensures a fantastic turnover of the line with superb casting and presentation capacities. It is a dream for roll- and underhand casting, but of course for over hand as well.

The line is two colored with a Light Coral head and Fluo. Lime Running Line.

Slim Welded Loops in both ends

AFTM     Running Line     Head Length     Head Weight     Total Length

4     16,0 m     11,0 m     10,5 g     27,0 m

5     16,0 m     11,0 m     12,5 g     27,0 m

6     16,0 m     11,0 m     14,8 g     27,0 m